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Questions that are commonly asked by customers?

What is a Domain Name & Web Hosting?

A domain name is what your website is called for example . It is the internet address that identifies you to users. They can come with many prefixes such as .com , , .org etc . When it comes to deciding the name of your site its important to check to see if the name is already taken by another company. When building your site we will check suitable names and prefixes for you. Web hosting is the service that makes your website available to be viewed by others on the Internet. A web host provides space on its server, so that your website? around the world can be accessed around the world.

How much is a website?

This depends on the size and scope of the website. We can quote you on a website build after contacting us. We will be able to find out exactly what you need for your website, where we will then send a quote to you.

How long does it take to make a website ?

Smaller websites have a time frame of approximately 4 weeks and the more content and pages needed will increase the time frame. We keep you informed and updated at all stages of the build so you know whats really going on with your site and dates for completion.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search engine optimization, it?s the real buzz word in the world of website development at the moment. It basically means that it helps you been seen by users in a better way. This is done in various ways including the wording of your site to the way it is displayed on different devices such as a phone or tablet. All aspects of SEO are combined to help the website appear higher in the search engine listings, which results in more visitors and more customers.

How does the payment proccess work at chelmsford websites?

Once the project plan is agreed and signed off, we ask for 50% deposit. Once the project is completed we ask for the remaining balance. For SEO services we offer a monthly payment scheme, to enable your potential through SEO.

What platform do you build your websites on?

We build customized WordPress sites, using Divi and child themes. We have a lot of experience in WordPress to enable us to really make your site shine in a way that is functional for you and also beautifully simple for the users.

Do you own your website after we have made it?

The website is all yours once the handover is completed. We offer a management service which can be used to make revisions and updates to your website.

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Jargon Buster

It can be confusing with the web related jargon that surrounds websites and SEO.
Below is our jargon buster with words that are commonly used in the industry.


This is the ability of the website to used or accessed by people with disabilities. When websites are correctly designed, developed and edited, to allow all users have equal access to information and functionality.


AdWords is an advertising service by Google for businesses to display ads on google at the top of search results above other websites. The program enables businesses to set a budget for advertising and only pay when people click the adverts. This service is based on keywords people would use to find your website.


Bandwidth has more than one definition, but in terms of hosting a website it is normally related to the amount of data the site transfers between the internet and the user. The larger the website, and the more the website is accessed, the more data transfer is used. Some web hosting providers can impose a bandwidth limit, where after this is exceeded extra charges are incurred.


URL is the address of the website in which you type into the address bar on the brower of a site. For example our URL.


Templates in WordPress are used to define the design of how the site is presented on a webpage, and normally used to keep the design of the site uniform.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool used to see your rankings, visitors and how people were directed to your site. For example, to see if they found you through social media. Its a great tool to use to help improve your SEO.


E-Commerce is online shopping. You can add a shop to your website to sell your products online.


A blog allows you to easily write posts on subjects and news relevant to your website and companies industry. The small articles are normally written in a conversational style. Blog posts can contain videos, images and other media. Blogs can also improve your SEO, by increasing the chances of potential new customers finding your blog post by searching for information at a search engine, which links to your blog post and website. Existing customers can also use them to keep updated.


Content is what is on your website, the information that is displayed. It works as an asset that makes your website different from others on the internet. Content is very important when marketing your site as it works alongside special algorithms to determine you rankings on search engines.


A Favicon is the little image that is displayed in the address bar of a browser. This is an asset to your branding, this tiny image is an attention detail that really looks professional on a business site.


CSS stands for cascading style sheet this scripting language helps the styling of your site, for example the font used or the colour of the background. We use CSS to customize your website to match your theme and branding.?

Responsive Layout

Responsive layout means your site is view able on different devices for example your website is viewed on a smart phone compared to a desktop screen is different. Having a mobile friendly responsive site is important as more then 60% of site traffic is generated through mobile devices now. Making sure you site looks on brand and is user friendly is very important for marketing and SEO as well.?