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SEO & Digital Marketing

Digitial Marketing helps your business to reach its target audience, but there are many elements which work together. SEO ensures your website appears higher in search engines. You can gain more visitors to your website and increase brand awareness with social media marketing. A Google AdWords advertising campaign can also help bring in new customers. Chelmsford Websites can provide you with these services.

Content Marketing

Regular blog posts will help SEO by keeping your site fresh, as well as using topics, words and phrases which will help new visitors find your website. Our services include blog post plans and content creation.

Social Media Marketing

As well as new customers finding your company on social media, and allowing existing customers to keep updated, you can improve your SEO by having others share your content on social networks. Our services include socila media post plans and posting.

Gaining Backlinks

An extremely important part of SEO is gaining links from trusted, quality and respected websites. Our services include manual submission to search engines and relevant online directories and guest blog posts.

Google AdWords Advertising

A quick way to increase customers is to run a Google AdWords advertising campaign to appear at the top of search results. Our services include keyword research, campaign creation and management with optimisation.

Video Marketing

Websites with engaging content are more likely to engage visitors on your website, leading to visitors spending more time on your website and resulting in more conversions. Our services include creating promo videos and integrating them in to your website.

Email Marketing

Email is one of the most useful ways to communicate with potential customers. By capturing visitor email addresses, you can communicate with new and existing customers on a regular basis. Our services include setting up your website to obtain customer email addresses, and running your email marketing campaigns.

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