You have a successful business website that gains a fair amount of hits and describes your service well, so why would you need to redesign your website?

Below are three reasons why you could boost your profits and provide potential customers with the 2018 website experience they need.

1. It’s all about being responsive.

Nowadays the importance of mobile responsive websites is paramount. You must have been scrolling the internet looking for a place to eat, get some help or find a service and be baffled by not being able to see the company’s website clearly on your phone/ tablet. This could be due to menus not displaying correctly, images that take ages to load or just bad user efficiency problem. I know how frustrating this could be so don’t you think in 2018 its time to update this so that we can all go about our daily internet needs more efficiently and in a way, that pleases the human eye, the answer to that question is YES.

As the nation is using mobile devices a lot more in fact 52.2 % of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, up from 50.3 % in the previous year. This explains also how we use our devices it gives users the first look at your company and therefore the first impression. If they are pleased with the way the site function’s they usually will remember and revisit and let’s face it that benefits users and your company.

2. being user-friendly is easy.

By redesigning a website to be more user-friendly and attractive is also important this is often called UX and UI it stands for user experience and user interface. To narrow in on the user-friendliness of your own website you may have think of the key factors of your audience and that is what is explain in UX and UI, some common questions you may have to ask yourself are, what the site visitors are there for, how easy can they find what they are looking for, and how are they using the site. Below are some helpful facts and figures explaining the importance on developing user friendliness into your site.

By considering the facts mentioned in the infographic it really explains helpful ways in which user-friendliness is important and ways you could change or redesign pages to become more suitable for the business site to earn more revenue.

3. Search engines can’t see you.

Another common reason to resign your site would be for the simple fact you have no accurate SEO factors. SEO stands for search engine optimisation this handy tool makes your website appear on search engines higher, therefore, giving you more views by potential customers.

SEO ranks your content on your site to make sure its authentic and interesting this is done by links to pages, comments and very cleverly in the language you use on your site. This SEO malarkey is a very big game in the world of websites and successful businesses. For more information to bust the jargon or web design, our team would love to help you so don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog post and I hope it provided you with some helpful tips and aided you with your decision to perhaps redesign and update your business website.